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Why alcohol is haram?

Posted by Amadou khan on June 20, 2016 at 1:35 PM

Assalam dear friends hope you are well, I was going to share with you about this problem hope you will understand this


Why alcohol is haram?


By: Mariam Bensaci- Svensson, doctor


In Sweden it is estimated that about 300 000 people are dependent on alcohol. 5000-7000 deaths / year due to alcohol and the costs to society due. alcohol is estimated at over 100 billion / year. A variety of diseases caused by alcohol as such. hypertension, liver cirrhosis, cancer of the esophagus, pharynx and liver, nervous system damage with eg impaired memory, loss of balance and convulsions, mental symptoms such as anxiety, depression and suicide, etc. Traffic injuries are often due to alcohol abuse is common in families where someone is an alcoholic. The negative effects of alcohol are numerous and still drinking people. Why?

As a doctor, I have during my training time and in the profession met many people with alcohol dependence. My experiences from the emergency department of psychiatry has given me many strong memories of the people who ended up in the grip of alcohol. I want to tell you a short story to give you insight into how the situation can be for these people.


In the emergency room, I took a day received a woman in the 45-year-old who had previously worked as a nurse but was now unemployed. Her face was gray and his hair disheveled and lifeless. On the body and the face was a lot of bruises and her clothes were dirty. The gaze was empty and she had difficulty walking without support. It was the 10th time that she came to the psychiatric emergency room during the past few years. She had in those years lost her husband and his work, no longer had contact with their children and had been evicted from several apartments. His old friends were gone and the only thing that she socialized with the people in the same situation as her. Together they sat and drowned their sorrows with alcohol.


It had started with her drunk during celebrations to relax, she said. She had had a rough time at work and had difficulty coping with the home too. She noticed how nice it was to go away from reality for a short while, but unfortunately the anxiety worse afterwards when the alcohol was out of the body. This meant that she eventually whenever the anguish was trying to drown it with additional alcohol, and soon she was hooked. She could no longer do without alcohol. Every day she drank when she awoke to cope get out of bed. Her whole life collapsed eventually. The man left her, she lost work, etc. It had gone so far that she sometimes woke up in someone else's apartment lying in their own vomit, without knowing how she had got there.


The last year the body had begun to take a beating. She had lost about twenty kg of weight, started getting bruises on the body, often vomited blood and had constant stomach ache. Her feet felt numb and the balance was worse than before. She began to be afraid! She had seen other people who drank more than her swelling of the stomach, become short of breath, vomiting blood until they fainted, see visions, get cramps throughout the body and eventually die a painful and undignified death.


She so wanted to stop drinking but the fear held her back into addiction. The pain of having lost everything in life made it even more difficult, and sometimes she would just die. Though the fear of death was strong and growing stronger by the day.


Help me, she whispered slurred. Help me stop drinking!


This story is a typical example of how alcohol can ruin a person's life. Is not it strange that Allah (swt) has forbidden us to drink alcohol !?

check the next paragraph will soon,

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