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koran,s ban

Posted by Amadou khan on June 20, 2016 at 1:40 PM

Koran's ban

In the Quran, there are three verses that forbid alcohol:


"They ask you concerning wine and gambling. Say:" It is great sin in both, but also something that can profit, for men. The evil it causes are greater than the benefits they can get. "


(Quran 2: 219)

This verse announces that it may be perceived as a positive alcohol can never outweigh the evil that the consumption of alcohol means.


"O you who believe! Do not go to prayer if you are in stupor, but wait until you know what you are saying."


(Quran 4:43)

Here we are asked by Allah (swt) will never ask when we are drunk. This means in practice a ban on alcohol because it is obligatory to pray five times a day.


"Believers, wine and gambling money, all the pagan customs and divination is none other than the devil's shameful edict. Stay away from all that, for it to go well in the hands. The devil wants through intoxicants and gambling cause enmity and hatred between you and make you forget about Allah and from prayer. Will not you stop all this. "


(Quran 5: 90-91)

These verses are most clearly forbids alcohol. It is said that the verses were revealed in the above order, and when the latter came the Muslims had built a strong faith and morals. They poured therefore immediately put out all alcohol, as they could find, in the gutter.

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