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om Shaaban månaden

Posted by Amadou khan on May 15, 2016 at 2:10 PM

Assalamu alaykum

Dear Muslim friends

Remember to

Today 160508 is one of the month Shaaban if it becomes 29 days on Monday, June 6 will be the first Ramadhan inshaAllah but if Shaaban will be 30 days of the Ramadhan will be on Tuesday, June 7 inshaAllah


   As usual, there are some groups who say that you should do more ibada or special prayer or indicated by the du'aa and it is important that you should know if there is any evidence for their claim?


Among the Bidaa is

-Al-Alfia prayer صلاة الألفية

This is a special salat performed in the middle of Shaaban at night and Ibnul qaym rahimahullah said that this assertion has been found after 400 years after Islam and who have find on this Bidaa called inb Abi al hamraa year 448 this man had a fine voice and he started doing this salat alone in the Al-Aqsa mosque and someone saw him do this prayer, he went and stood on the right side of him and came and stood beside the other until the man was a long line who prayed behind him

and this prayer is a special prayer that is said that it is related by Ali rathyallahu pleased with him and it is a lie which said that there is a hadith


The Prophet (s) said to Ali: ya ali who asks a hundred rakáa in the middle of Shaaban at night and reading the Fatiha and Qul huallah in each rakáa 10 assets if he prays to Allah to get his way when he gets it .. ibntaymia rahimmahullah says there is no evidence from anyone who has said that why this is fake


There are those who claim that mid-Sha'ban is Laylatul Qadir but they have no evidence because the evidence is that layltul Qadir is the Ramadan month dedicated the last 10 days


To do something special during Sha'ban is no evidence that it did during Ragab


There's this authentic hadith related by Osama bin Zayd (rathyallahu anhu) who said to the Prophet (S): I see that you are fasting more days of Shaaban in comparison with the other months? then replied the Prophet (s): One forgets this month that lies between Ragab and Ramadan in this month our deeds be lifted up to God because I wanted my works will be lifted up when I am fasting


Aysha (r) said that the Prophet (s) used to fast more in Sha'ban month, but he has not advised the Muslims to do it either

If you wanted to fast you can .

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